Reproductive Therapy

Whether you are considering parenthood for the first time, you are a new parent or navigating the complex world of fertility preservation and treatment, I can help support you.

Examples of what I help with:

  • Trauma
  • Reproductive challenges
  • Post Natal challenges
  • New Parent Adjustment

How does it work?

Be Conscious Therapy

I practice a combination of modalities that are holistic, systemic, embodied & deeply relational. In a session I pay attention to childhood, family systems, the body as well as patterns that emerge in your relationships with friends, partners, family and with yourself.

How much does it cost?


The fee is $160 for individuals and $250 for families and couples. I also offer an individual plan (IP) – a comprehensive plan working with external support teams such as GP’s, psychiatrists and alternative practitioners.


How do I book?


In a complimentary 15 minute call I will get a snapshot of your story before meeting as a couple (including any children). Most sessions are weekly. Sometimes there will be subsequent couple or family sessions. For new parents, I offer in-home visits. Interstate and OS clients: Zoom